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The following varieties are now available at our Nursery. Please check our Nursery hours and give us a call @ 865-498-3276.

Blueberry Varieties:

Arlen, Aurora, Baby Blue, Bladen, Blue Haven, Blue Boy, Blue Ridge, Bluecrop, Blueray, Bonus, Bounty, Chandler, Climax, Columbus, Draper, Duke, Elliott, Friendship, Georgia Gem, Green Elf, Hannah’s Choice, Hillside, Legacy, Little Crisp, Little Giant, Low Bush, North Country, North Sky, Northland, O’Neal, Onslow, Ornablue, Patriot, Pink Champagne, Pink Lemonade, Polaris, Powderblue, Premier, Reveille, Rubel, Ruby Carpet, St. Cloud, Tifblue, Top Hat, and Toro

Greenbriar Farm offers 60 varieties of blueberry plants for sale.  Paul Baxter has assigned most of these into 6 Mini-Seasons specific to East Tennessee and PARTS of other states in the southeastern USA.  (Paul developed this 6-Mini-Seasons for this area, so you won’t find this anywhere in a book, etc.)  A collection of 6 plants, one from each Mini-Season, will provide the homeowner with fresh blueberries from early June through August or early September.  Mini-Season 1 varieties ripen in early June, followed by Mini-Season 2, and so on throughout the summer, ending with Mini-Season 6.   

Greenbriar has given a name to the regions where the 6 Mini-Seasons apply, The Blessed Blueberry Belt.  This is where the borders of the northern and southern blueberries varieties overlap.  In this narrow belt, we can grow almost all the southern AND northern varieties, making this the part of the USA with the longest blueberry season.  You are, indeed, blessed if you live in this area!

Berry size, sweetness, and compatibility with the Blessed Blueberry Belt are the criteria Paul uses in choosing the varieties offered by Greenbriar.  The varieties not assigned to the 6 Mini-Seasons are smaller plants with smaller berries, but not at all lacking in taste.  Many people actually prefer the taste of the smaller berries.  These are the also plants we most often recommend for container gardens. 

For assistance in choosing varieties for your specific needs and location, please check with Paul.  If you already grow blueberries, and know the names of the varieties you have, we can help you complete your 6 Mini-Season collection.  If you grow blueberries and don’t know the names of the varieties, let Paul know the dates each variety normally ripens, and he can assist you in completing the 6 Mini-Seasons.  (Remember, Rabbiteye is not a specific variety.  It is the collection of varieties most often grown in the southern USA.) 

Greenbriar offers only two-year-old blueberry plants and older – no cuttings, no one-year olds, and no bare root plants.  All our plants are potted in the same soil mixture recipe that Paul will give you at the time of purchase.  Therefore, if you follow his recipe and planting instructions, there will be no soil-shock when you transplant. 

Greenbriar also gives you detailed instructions on how to maintain the blueberries for maximum growth and production.  All Greenbriar plants are grown in pots, outside, with no cover or protection from the elements.  They are, therefore, completely acclimated to the weather in the Blessed Blueberry Belt area. 

To purchase plants, check this website for our farmers’ market schedules, our hours of operation at the farm, or call or email us for an appointment.  You should always call to confirm a specific market date or even for scheduled times at the farm.  Announced dates and times sometimes change due to weather, health, or other events. 

We can truthfully say that we enjoy talking to people about how to grow blueberries  successfully.  We look forward to getting to know you and getting you started on your blueberry collection !